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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Just so confirm.  After playing awhile I got the steam achievement for "Safe Harbor."  Literally the next in game day I got the mail to buy the upgrade. 

Enjoy the knowledge.

Those who are still looking I found this:

Apparently the harbor needs to be done (and it takes 3+ weeks).  I have not confirmed this, but I know it hasn't been 3 weeks game time though.

My Time At Portia General Discussion / How to get level 3 relic scanner?
« on: August 04, 2018, 04:19:17 AM »

Does anyone know how to get the level 3 relic scanner?  I see it on the patch notes but I can't get it. 
As a side note:
-I have done all the way up to the current end of the story line. 
-I'm also around level 43.
-I have all recipes (that I know of)

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: "Protected" Storage Chests
« on: August 02, 2018, 04:11:57 AM »
I would like to say I second this suggestion.  I like to put assembly station goods in a chest near it.  Then I go craft things and sometimes those materials are gone.  Please implement.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Paddle Boat Recipe is wrong
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:07:37 AM »


The paddle boat recipe says it requires 60 stainless aluminum bars, when in fact it doesn't need them at all to craft it. 

I think that either

A. it's supposed to need it in the crafting part
B. the 60 aluminum bars should be pointing to the 20 aluminum plates

Looking at the home panel (the thing that lists all items you have in the house) does not stop time like have any other dialogue box open.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Cooking Set Sound Repeat
« on: July 31, 2018, 06:05:39 AM »
I would like to add to this bug...

If you go off your screen (like esc or inventory) the cooking "timer" still goes down and plays the sound when it's done.  however, the actual cook time will not go down and you have to wait, while listening to that sound.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Tuba's Long list of suggestions
« on: July 31, 2018, 06:03:49 AM »
I like your suggestion better than mine!  thanks for commenting!

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Tuba's Long list of suggestions
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:08:21 AM »

Here is a long list of suggestions.  If you agree please let me know.  If you have questions please reply.  Enjoy.

EDIT: added more suggestions:

1. make right click NOT the default getting on a horse (because if you don't aim it right you spin into the horse) I suggest space, as "jumping" makes sense for jumping onto the horse
2. more interactions with the horse (make it neigh? make it high kick? trot?)
3. when you tame a wild animal it should have minimal starting stats and you should have to build it up.  (I'm not sure about the normal llama, but this wasn't the case of the super llama)
4. riding horses should allow you to pass through other horses (the area under the stable is too small for multiple animals and makes it hard to ride out the animal in the back)

1. take all button from a chest
2. the ability to reorganize the list of chests in the drop down

1. make the Lion gloves a LOT smaller.  They are so ridiculously big.  Honestly, I would suggest switching them out for actual metal claws like Vega in street fighter (or wolverine). 
2. (this might be a bug) upgrade the damage on nova sword.  It has the same attack as the corps hammer but does significantly less damage

***workshop / workshop book / crafting***
1. Have a way to reorganize your main book.  By the time you get around a year into the game it's very unorganized.
2. have upgrades at Albert’s to workstation, house, etc have the same ability as crafting: pull from your chests. 
3. (this might be a bug) the advanced skiver should have all the craft abilities of the beginners skiver
4. in your workbook, if an item is JUST for quests, mark it "quest only".  Or - remove it from the book entirely once turned in.  This is for the items that have a special piece thus we can’t make it again (like the trees!)
5. the list of all crafted things should be in Alphabetical order to make it easier to find

1. FARMING: harvesting a full amount should produce 1-3 seeds (depending on the fertilizer max amount)

1. Have a fish tracker. It seems weird to have a fish weight provided but nothing is done about it. Basically what have you caught and its maximum weight
2. Have fishing competitions  //was added!

1. (I'm sure this is coming) add more festivals. I think a good suggestion in the fall is a harvest ball.  Move that spring one to summer, and have a "flower shower" for spring.
2. Have a Rock Paper Scissors contest
3. Have a Five-Go contest
4. Have a DeeDee race
5. Have a miners competition
6. Animal competition (when is that "bull" competition McDonald keeps talking about?)

1. On dungeons, keep track of how many time we have done one plus a shortest amount of time it took (you display the shortest time already! why not keep a record of it?)
2. for dungeons add a "causal mode" where you get the same experience and same items but everything else is cut in half.  Things hit at half, they have half life, etc.  For those who think "the games already easy!" this is for the casual gamers.  Just have a regular mode (double drop at end) and expert mode (everything twice as hard - triple drops).  That way you can accommodate everyone at once
3. when you die in a dungeon, and this is ONLY for story versions of dungeons, can you reset some stamina?  Maybe gain half of what's missing?  It seems weird to get to the boss then have very little stamina, and then you leave to go home and eat a bunch of food, only to show back up hours later while you leave Sam all by herself to fend against the rat king!  Poor Sam!

1. the water in fountain in town should FREEZE during winter time
2. during winter a lake or water pass should freeze as well to lead access to a place not normally accessible (until you build a bridge of course)
3. the church should have its own music, especially on Sunday.
4. the DeeDee bus sound shouldn't have hard braking stops.  It sounds like that guy is speeding around, when the animations clearly show him not.

1. on a date, when you go to the restaurant have the ability to have them repeat their desired meal.  When I went I didn't notice I had to memorize all the things.  Without writing it down or looking it up, it's hard to memorize.  Besides, in the real world I would simply just ask my date again when they wanted again.

***new abilities / skills / things***
1. Taxidermy.  The ability to stuff all fish and animals.  (then later you could have a story quest with the "papa bear" being upset at your)
2. some gathers shouldn't take energy.  For example, picking up a flower, poop, or some small plants shouldn't take energy - they aren't heavy or hard to pick up.

1. You should be able to gift Sophie multiple times a day because she has bad memory
2. Thank you for the chain/network of friends connection.  However when I reach a new marker for someone I tend to get spammed by multiple people (as they reach as well).  Sometimes it lags the game.  My suggestion is that we can scroll out notifications for a little bit
3. If someone is demanding/wanting something allow us to put it as a quest on the quest bar.
4. Pinky the cat should LOVE milk!  Why does Pinky hate milk?  Please make Pinky like milk.

1. if you scroll over a book with crafting make a note show up "Already known" to make things easier on us
2 .when you give instructions for the mining helmet, can you explain that leaving the cursor on a spot will mark an outline on your UI?  I accidently figured it out around year 1.  Would have been really helpful during the tutorial
3. have a tab that can keep track of achievements and stats earned in the game.  Stuff like, total distance walked.  Total enemies defeated.  Total items crafted. Etc.
4. when in a chest shift+right click, does the same as shift+left click but the "new pile" of seperated items are put into your inventory (if you have space)
5. The elevator at the mine in the desert should have a door/opening on both sides so it's easy to get on it from bottom and top
6. staying up past 3 am and not going to bed should have consequences.  like wake up later, have less stamina, possible someone pick pockets you, and animal attacks you at night and you wake up 50% health, etc.
7. New interaction with cat: play
8. When upgrading house/work station, etc. Have the ability to move all objects!  It’s a pain having to remove everything, then move the house, then place everything again.
9. Songs should stop playing at midnight to signify that it's getting late!

***animal shelters***
1. upgrades on the animal shelters
   1.a. lvl 2 coop, allow more chickens. bigger area. holds more food
   1.b. lvl 3 coop, allow even more chickens. bigger area. automatic food dispenser hook up ability
   1.c. lvl 4 coop, allows even more chickens, bigger area, automatic food dispenser hook up ability, and incubator to grow eggs into chickens/ducks
2. same for shed
3. same for stable
4. raise the roof of the horse shed so you can pet the animal inside the shed
5. petting animals (cows, chickens, etc) should pause time while petting
6. the ability to incubate a chicken/duck egg, or get a cow/sheep pregnant to grow your farm.
7. Constipation: Why do my 2 sheep and 2 cows poop only one poop between the 4 of them a day?  My horse and llama only poop 1 time every other day.  They should each poop at least one day.  This would also help with fertilizer.

Side note:
Things that I want to point out that I want to give a shout out about the game!
1. the craft from crates!
2. The voxel mining areas which can be reset at any time!
3. the auto teleport to mine entrance (in case stuck!)
4. pausing time in dungeons!
5. Bosses being different and having different strategies!
6. Auto fertilizer and Auto power generator
7. fire flies in summer! looks awesome!
8. the horse following you

Things on this list that you did with the last update! Thanks!
1. Later have the worker build a Spa where you can rest and gain energy back VERY fast (like 1 hour = 25% energy)
2. Have a horse race

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Inventory Management
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:05:11 AM »
You can label storage boxes.  Get close to one and right click instead of left click.


Since the patch the other day (end of July).  The recovery machine in the research center no longer recognizes your statue pieces in your chests. 

**Side note: It does recognize items in inventory.

Thank you.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: No more mails
« on: July 28, 2018, 10:29:57 PM »
This may not be it but...

With the last update I started noticing I'm not getting my mail either.  So I looked closely and I noticed my mail box looked different.  I chunked it up with an update.  Upon further investigation I noticed that my mail box was like that because of a quest.  Someone "damages" your mail box.  Go and click on it and you will find a note, and the ability to fix it.   Later your wood/ore box gets damaged too.  So keep an eye out for that.  I wont say anymore to prevent spoils.

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