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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Oh really?  That's awesome! ;D  But then I am not surprised because the game's called My Time at Portia; the words "My time" sound like you tell a story about yourself, what kind of memorable things you did.  I was wondering if you can take snapshots at moments of life and put them in an album.  Nonetheless, camera is good news!  :D

Taking scenic shots also let me appreciate platforming/parkour because I have to get to high places for some of the shots.  Platforming really opens the game to people who like action games, so I am looking forward to see more of it  :)

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Photoshoot
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:43:42 PM »
Tried some photos :)

One picture for morning, noon, evening, and night.

Imagine a quest in which Mel asks the player to take some photos for her... if only :)

Attach some funny screenshots:

1.  Tody runs out of sparring ring
2.  Ginger's umbrella clips through herself
3.  Barrels can move on their own in cave
4.  Trees that can't be chopped

Have fun :)

Month 2 day 2 in game, built one bus stop and tried the transport.  Also finished those island events and got the Alpha 2.0 end message.  I try to write down anything interesting.

1.  In character creation, hair color is still called skin color.

2.  You can access commission board before getting a builder's license.  Is this by design?

3.  Pinky and GG now have their own social page entry and face close up when you interact with them :)

4.  After a spar, the camera moves to weird random angles (like extremely close, directly above or below player character).  Walking around or moving the mouse eventually returns camera to normal position.

5.  Tody doesn't seem to fight at all in sparring.  He keeps running until he loses.  One time he manages to get out of the ring but I still win at timeout.  Then Tody finally fights back on day 25 month 1, a rainy day lol.

6.  Tody and Liuwa can get stuck at the bridge when running to Amber Island.

7.  Some characters hit really hard in sparring.  My fingers are lazy so I don't dodge and don't win at all lol

8.  This is in Alpha 1.0 as well.  Any clothes/pants need to move to character inventory (ie. not holding in hands) to equip.

9.  If next day's weather is cloudy but not raining, gathering items don't respawn so I can't gather them (wood, stone, herbs, grass).  I have three cloudy days in a month and the ground doesn't have any gather items on all three days.

10.  Warping to exit from mine map is very nice feature.  I also like how you can increase stamina limit by putting furniture in house, though digging up a sofa in a dirty mine is pretty weird.

11.  Wow the overworld theme is soothing and beautiful.  Whenever I hear it I visualize Ginger dancing at ballroom for some reason :)

12.  Ginger's umbrella clips through her if she does the arm stretching animation.  I saw it once in a fire-side meeting.

13.  Presley is sitting on air now.  He doesn't sit like this from the start but I forget which day he starts it.

14.  I love how chickens get hostile when you pick up the little chicks lol.

15.  Quests change a lot too.  I like the inclusion of deadlines.  It makes quests realistic.  Relationship point bonus with quest giver is also nice.  Nothing to complain about.

16.  Can't figure out how to rotate the upgraded workbench when asked to place on grid.

17.  Figuring out fishing at start breaks many lines for me.  But once that's figured out, fishing is pretty easy.  The rod will blink red if angle is not right and a directional cue will show up.  Now I just keep reeling and never break a line again.  Very fast fish will be difficult to land under current mechanics.

18.  Okay this is totally personal.  Music in sparring and fighting monsters are pretty tense/fast paced.  I wonder if a light-hearted, funny battle theme would be suitable in a cute game like Portia.  Of course serious, adrenaline rushing battle themes for bosses are totally appropriate.

19.  I beat the bosses and finish the quest in one go.  I like how time freezes and dining spots are there for recovery.  The common enemies are easy enough and bosses don't pose too much of threat.  Basically I don't bring any herbs and still stay full health until the Bandirat boss.  It manages to hurt me once but it's still easy.

20.  Several barrels in dungeon can move like moonwalking on the floor.

21.  Starting day 1 month 2, sparring and gift options are greyed out when talking to people.  I have tried loading save from Day 28 Month 1 and sleep.  Then on Day 1 Month 2, those options are still greyed out.  On Day 28 Month 1, sparring and gifting still work fine.

22.  On Sundays, when trees respawn, sometimes the trees don't have blue life bars.  Swinging an axe on these trees is like hitting air.  Loading a save from previous day and sleep seems to fix this probem.  I try to reproduce invincible trees by loading my save on day 28 month 1.  One in several tries these trees appear lol.

23.  Like the transport system.  Cost a little money but works perfectly.  I plan to finish all three to save my time.

I think what's left is upgrading the house and assembly platform.  I will keep playing to see if I can discover more interesting moments.  It's been a very enjoyable playthrough.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Can't gift or spar with npcs
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:05:48 AM »
Oops sorry for skipping days to log in haha.

I think this is the file.  It is an auto-save, right?

Hope it helps.

Wow, thanks for the reply! I hope I don't look like complaining out of ill will, because I like this game.  I bet lots of others are putting this game on their "to play" list.  I am sure the devs have their priorities sorted out, so if I sound stupid, just ignore what I said  ;)

3.  Yeah I can understand stones don't respawn.  They take forever to form in the first place.

9.  There are round characters like gale and slim/tall characters like Django or Gust, so I put the suggestion.  But I can see body sizes can be problematic with many aspects like animation.

13.  Yeah a good soundtrack can certainly make a difference, especially on a sim game where the same task is done repeatedly every day like grinding for resources, or a place that is visited repeatedly.  I was thinking about Nintendo's pokemon series when I typed in my last post.  It is as if each location/road has its own persona.  good luck !  :)

No prob, glad you like that  :D

I should be a bit clearer in my fishing "problem."  Swaying rod in fish's direction lowers line tension but only when fish is not moving.  When fish is moving, line tension won't lower at all.  I have my rod moving according to arrow's hints but still line can still break.  Fortunately that doesn't happen a lot.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Thoughts on integrating farming
« on: July 23, 2017, 04:07:46 AM »
Certainly there are workshop blueprints for modernizing farming to save time.  There are also green house and automated irrigation ideas on other sites.  I call that the technological route of farming.

I am thinking more of the opposite, the natural way of farming.  There is this Church of Light with Nora and Mr. Lee who look so wise, so maybe we can befriend them to have them show us some documents on lost wisdom of efficiency?  Such as creating new breeds of crop that grow faster?  The wisdom of land rotation because the land will be depleted of nutrients if planted repeatedly?  Or lost documents on a miracle seed that not only yield faster and better, but also replenish woods/plants around it?  Of course you can only befriend the Church of Light if you farm the honest way, as they see technology as signs of laziness (or something like that).

Natural farming may not have larger farms to cash in because they consume too much time to operate, but I am sure there are unique quests and rewards that require it.  For example, a sensitive flower that requires special attention that can be used in curing a special disease, or a beautiful flower that the ghost lady loves.  These flowers require constant manual caring as they can almost detect the heart of a person (or something like that).  I don't think automated methods are compatible for these plants.

If farming takes too much time, so be it, because farming in real life is time consuming.  Maybe we can choose a career of a farmer instead of an explorer or a craftsman?  It makes sense to spend the majority of day to farming if player chooses to be a farmer.  As farming becomes more efficient, the player can explore and craft more.  If player wants to be a non-technology type of farmer, the player can choose to have a smaller farm compared to a massive farm.  I think player should be given the choice.

Just my 2 cents, I like to play with technology vs nature theme of this game.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Can't gift or spar with npcs
« on: July 23, 2017, 03:12:44 AM »
Hi devs, still playing alpha 1.0 here.  Gifts and sparring options stop appearing with the usual npcs I interact with: Dr. Xu, Aadit, Tody, Gust, and Sam.  Screenshot attached.

Screenshot shows only sparring options greyed out, but further gifting will grey out the gift option as well.  When both gift and sparring options are greyed out, those npcs can only talk dialogues when interacted with (no options are shown).

This happens right after my character's first date with Emily, it is like gift and sparring can't "renew" after dating and sleeping that day.  Emily has all options greyed out in screenshot, but she has the talk, date, and exit options when interacted with.  So my boy is stuck with dating Emily forever XD

I am going to try dating Sam next since sparring with her works so well with relationship, but that can't be done for now it seems XD

The fishing instruction can be a letter from Qiwa as thanks for making a rod for him, or can be a personal lesson that he teaches you so that people can figure out fishing in the game.

Swaying the mouse to the direction of fish works, but it has to be like all the way for tension to start lowering?  I hope the rod can be more sensitive to the mouse, so that I don't need to move my mouse too much.

The following are my thoughts after finishing all main objectives in Portia alpha 1.0.  Don't know if I should post here, but oh well :)

1.  Need more bachelorettes, Emily, Petra, Sam, Ginger, reporter girl, church girl are the main ones I can think of.  On the other hand, too much bachelors, there's like more than a dozen.  And some people don't have hearts because they are married so it's not moral?  I suggest don't limit any kind of relationship (same sex, human/bear/animal, home wreckers) and leave the choice to main character.

2.  Monsters can enter water, but player can't.  I was fighting a ladybug that goes in water, the message says I can't swim.  The fight resets and I can't fight the ladybug that is now friendly and won't chase me :(

3.  Stone/trees/vines don't replenish naturally? Marbles are hard to come by, I almost can't finish a quest with the old man because I sell tables for money in the beginning.

4.  Time goes too fast, and lack of time is more of a problem than stamina.  Maybe make time slower and provide option for player to sit down and wait? 

5.  Each year has four months only and each month is 28 days.  That means there are not too many festivals per year.  Need more festivals, seriously they are enjoyable and they provide a sense of community, like you belong there with the people.  I complete the bridge on 17th day, so I haven't experienced all the other 3 festivals yet, but first festival is fun.

6.  Need more character dialogues, background stories, and cut scenes/quests.  Many people coming from harvest moon/stardew valley and they want good characters and development.  Are there rival romance in game?  They are good to be included because they show other characters are progressing too.  Also need more scenes among NPCs, not just with the main character.  I haven't started dating with any character or achieved the first heart so I may miss many events, but nonetheless npc stories are important for a game like Portia.

7.  Character's portrait art looks way better than their 3d faces.  If 3d faces match those on portraits, each character will be more pleasing to look at.

8.  Mining and combat are simple, effective, quick, and fun, can't complain here.  Can't wait to see more dungeon areas opened after fixing the bridge :)

9.  I really dig the art style.  It reminds me of Breath of The Wild.  Character customization in the beginning reminds me of the Sims which is great.  Can't wait for more body size options, hair options, mustache, beard, ornaments, etc.  I expect to see more clothes and armors options.  I think lots of gamers like to play dress up games, especially female gamers.

10.  Can the player tame animals in future, as in operating a ranch?  The cows and horses are not interacting so I expect the answer's a no, but it would be great if that's possible.

11.  Voice actings would be great as it makes the characters even better, but that is not the most urgent thing.

12.  Gathering woods and stones require spot-on targeting, sometimes the player needs to step back and retry.  It should be more lenient as many others have pointed out.

13.  Need more different bgm in different locations and cutscenes.

14.  Many npc homes are empty rooms with no furnitures.  I hope each room will be eventually decorated in the final product, and even better if there are npc quests that pay the player to make furnitures for them, or expand the houses for the npcs.

To sum it up, the game has great inspirations and potential, but it needs lots of improvements and toning.  I think this game can be game of the year material if done right, but that requires the devs to keep improving/adding content, and not stopping in the middle to start a new project when the game's not fully done.

The amount of work required can be a bit much.  For a very good game though, I think the devs should take the necessary time and a delayed released date for better product is a good trade-off.

Release a full game at the start, then keep releasing large DLCs/updates for a price, keep the game alive, don't let it die, and let the positive words spread around.  Then your studio will be a great brand in no time.  Keep up the good work :)

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