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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Seems like a fun idea, and ofc the game already has a 'humanoid' droid, ANDY. So it could potentially be based on that.

Ofc if the droids were just like human NPC's, then it could give you an excuse to be able to use character creation on more than your own character, which is fun. I would think that a hard limit on the number of 'human droids' you could have would be necessary for balance in this case though.


Once you get a lot of ISO files sorting them is a huge pain, but necessary. You can make folders and sort through the ISO files outside of the game, but you can't preview them to see what kind of ISO they are unless you are in-game. This makes sorting ISO files with ambiguous names difficult to do as you must continuously go back and forth between in-game and out-of-game to sort them. So it would be helpful if you could just do this from in-game.


If you have downloaded many ISO files it becomes very tedious to look through them, especially since when you open one to see what it is, the list on the left side of the screen resets its position back to the top. Often I just want to preview a few before deciding on one, but I repeatedly have to scroll down from the top every time I merely want to preview one... and it would have been helpful if I was just able to keep the scroll position in the same spot so I could continue previewing from where I left off each time I selected one.

It would be really great if there was a way to tag or mark an ISO from the creation menu that you want to see each part it needs for when you are making parts in the replication menu. Because I find myself having to go back and forth between the creation menu and the replication menu many, many times trying to figure out if I have everything I needed yet. (to craft an ISO)

Update: Closing the game and reloading the save effected both of the icons at the bottom of the screen... bacterial infection and obese were both removed, 'full' was added.

Just bought the game... am enjoying it, but I have used 6 or 7 "Disinfectant Spray" and "Bacterial Infection" is either unaffected or the icon is not being removed.

I have provided a picture, it shows the description provided when my mouse hovers over the icon at the bottom of the screen which indicates bacterial infection. I have also shown my character screen to display what my comfort level is, since the bacterial infection description says it effects comfort.

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