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Okay i just got the Answer to my Question (which is the why, not the fix for it). :'(

and I'm happy now that i got to know my Problem, hopefully i get to fix it soon.

Maybe in the future i might be able to fix it. :)

I think there is a Steam tool to verify the installation.  Try that next.  It sounds like something might be corrupted, if everything else is well.  Has it ever worked on this installation, or did it start after an update?

EDIT:  I read that as being logging into the MP Lobby: so the game loads, and you can create MP character profiles, but when you log into the server it times out.  It could be a fluke and the servers happened to be down, but that doesn't happen very often (usually only once per month).  Does the single player game load without issue in each mode (story, adventure, creation)?
Yes it does load perfectly in every Singleplayer's modes, the game it self isn't lagging with me at all...

its the MP Lobby which i cannot connect to for some reason....

and I've tried reinstalling and it didn't work as well.

When exactly does the message appear?  Are you in the MP character screen trying to get onto the MP lobby, or in the MP lobby trying to log into one of the host servers on the list?  Are you in one of the games and get disconnected in the middle of play?

The message is usually (from my experience) from timing out -- usually from a bad network connection, i.e. host does not respond, or doesn't handshake quickly enough.  It could also be a problem with system specs and not being able to load properly, but I would check the network connection first.
it appears after the "Logging.....", then it gives me this message "Disconnected from server, please re-login".

and I've checked my internet connection a lot of times and its perfect and there's nothing wrong with it.

and my spec i think its fine cause i can play games like Dying light-the following and NSUNS4 and Sonic Force and dragon ball xenoverse 2, without lagging at all...

to be more specific, it appears after i click on Multiplayer and wait for the logging process, and then it gave me this error/problem message...

I've been haven this problem since the day i got this game.

i just wanted to make sure that the reason for this message to appear is because I'm missing something or simply its not working for my system(windows 7), or I'm doing something wrong...

I'll be really grateful even for knowing only why, not even the fix for this problem/error...

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