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Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Voxel Reset[marked]
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:02:57 PM »
This might be a synchronization problem between the server and the client. Would you share your server with Dropbox for further investigation.
Server route: ~\Planet Explorers\Server\ServerData\CommonGames(or CustomGames)\(Server Name)

Dorist1, sorry about the delay but work took me out for a bit.  I PM'ed a link to you with the server files.


Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Voxel Reset[marked]
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:37:07 AM »
I have not restarted the server, I was waiting before I did that.  The blocks we had built did revert and I apologize, but I have no earthly idea how many voxels were changed  :(

Planet Explorers Bugs / Voxel Reset[marked]
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:13:47 PM »
I am running v1.0.6 on both client and Blue Fang hosted server.  When I logged in a few days ago, I discovered that all of my buildings and landscaping had reverted to pre-work conditions.  All of the mines we had dug were back to have never been dug.  Anything having to do with voxel terraforming had reverted to scratch.  All of my base parts (fusion plant, turrets, any placeable basically) were left in place.

No changes were made and this just happened...

Any ideas?

This game need a desktop server at present.

Ahh, so I cannot run it on mine, gotcha!  Thanks for the reply then  :)

Hopefully they can get that fixed one day soon for dedicated servers as well...

Hello all, I recently setup a server via Blue Fang and I am encountering something odd; When I fire up the server with the following settings:

        "LobbyIP" : "************",
        "LobbyPort" : ******,
        "ProxyIP"   : "******",
        "ProxyPort" : ******,
        "TeamNum"   : 1,
        "NumPerTeam" : 8,
        "GameMode"   : 1,
        "GameType"   : 0,

        "MonsterYes" : true,
        "ServerName" : "*******",
        "MapSeed"    : "*******",
        "TerrainType" : 2,
        "ClimateType" : 2,
        "VegetationType" : 2,
        "MasterRoleName" : "Unknown",
        "Password"       : "*********",
        "PublicServer"   : true,
        "Proxy"          : false,
   "UseSkillTree"   : false,
        "DropDeadPercent" : 0,
        "UnlimitedRes"    : false,
        "TerrainHeight"   : 128,
        "MapSize"         : 0,
        "RiverDensity"    : 1,
        "RiverWidth"      : 1

I am trying to run a Coop Adventure server and no matter what, I cannot get it to run that way.  Unless my search skills are greatly lacking, I cannot find anything to help with this.  Am I doing something wrong?

I should also add, I can get other changes to work (password change, number of teams, players, etc.) but never can get the Adventure Co-op to take.  And everytime I make a change, I do wipe and restart the server to try and get it to take.


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