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Title: Some tips
Post by: yampas on August 29, 2017, 03:10:54 PM
Well, first of all let me say that the game experience has been pretty nice, even with some bugs here and there. Congratulations for your work! But as an immersive rpg lover I got some suggestions.

I suppose that what I gonna say is allready being prepared by the devs for the future, but maybe I give some new ideas ^^

1- Character creation:
 More hair styles, more starting clothes (not a lot... maybe 5 shirts and other 5 trousers/skirt) just for personalization... Oh! And a way to really change the color of the eyes. I switched the colours but the change was close to none.

2- In game tutorial:
 Just some extra tips. Maybe the usual easy quest when you must press all the buttons. You could allways skip the quest.

3- Construction:
 - A more 3D construction would be nice. Not sure how to explain it... Maybe a rack so you can place 2 o 3 chests on the same spot.
 - Furniture combinations. It would be pretty practical, for example, combining 2 furnaces into 1 with 3 smelthing slots but using the space of only 2 furnaces. Maybe with an extra recipe for it that uses 2 items or more.
 - More furniture for the house and inside separations. Something like having a better furnace for the interior than the grill outside. The principal idea is adding more customization to your house.
 - Linkable chests. I would like to link the chest where I save the stone linked to the furnace. The idea of just opening the furnace without having to open the chest, take the stone and all of that, to create the stone bricks would be nice.
 - Customization for the floor, the wall, the exterior... For everything! Just making your workshop your-game-style-friendly gives you a happy feeling.

4- Immersion?
 I saw the npc eating outside, having a logical life while I just go through the world doing what I want. I mean, would be nice if it was a must the fact of eating at least once per day. Or having fall damage.

5- Others
 - I hate the fact that you fish a catfish or the other one (don't remember the name now) and in the animation being allways a catfish. I'm sure that the dev allready thought about it, but just mentioning here.
 - Harvesting the plant fibbers is horrible. If you're unlucky, you could be up to a week without having the correct plant for it. It happened, really, and there was none of the trees that give it too, since I've already chopped them.
 - Increasing the combat... Maybe a ranged weapon?
 - Swimming (controled by the stamina). Or at least some craftable boat.
 - A better quest creator. It's annoying when all the quest in the board have the same base item (usually plant fibber in my situation)...
 - A way to delete the loads. I discovered a bug with the new game fact (I already posted it) that is closely related to this idea. But really, sometimes you simply think of starting again since you discovered a most proper way of doing something that you could done since the beginning and want to start again. Just delete for saving (pretty ironic) some space on the ram o disk.
 - More clothes, maybe some of them with more centered effects (I read something about Miner clothings or something like that in another post). Maybe some ink for other clothes ~ Customization is nice!
 - Chemistry or something like that. Herbs and mushroom combining is a classic in rpg.
 - Being able to create another construction area so you can make more recipes at the same time.

 Even if I think that is a pretty nice 1p game, the mechanic itself gives a lot for an small cooperative multiplayer. I think that this should be an extra in the distant future. Think about delegating task on friends. Is just more common sense friendly, but I understand that, for the developing, multiplayer is a problem, that's why I insist of saving that for the future.

Hope you like some of them! Once again, thank you for this awesome game. I really want the complete version!
Title: Re: Some tips
Post by: Zifei on August 30, 2017, 10:27:20 AM
Most of the things you mentioned are already planned or being worked on. Except for multiplayer, that one's hard.