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Title: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: blubberguts on July 06, 2017, 11:16:30 AM
I had a little trouble figuring out how to fish. Here's how:

(a) Your fishing rod must be in one of your eight inventory slots, AND highlighted as the current slot ( Use the mouse wheel to move slot highlight OR press a keyboard number. You will see the character holding the rod in the main screen if you've done it right.)

(b) You must have at least one lure somewhere in your inventory (does not have to be in one of the eight hand slots.)

(c)  Run along the water's edge until you find a visible group of fish.

(d) Move around a little until the letter "e" appears.

(e) Press e to start fishing.

Originally I kept trying to click the left mouse while the rod was highlighted and I was next to a group of fish, but nothing happened and there was no message.

Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing
Post by: Zifei on July 06, 2017, 12:18:56 PM
Yeah, we'll tweak the fishing prompt for the next build. So far, the fishing still doesn't feel exactly right, there isn't much weight to it. So we're still tweaking the coding as well.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: Luminaire on July 11, 2017, 12:57:57 AM
Hmm. I'm not sure what you have planned to change, but I managed to get around to fishing.

Firstly, the fishing instruction prompt.. I had to screencap it, because I could only read the first two lines before the fish got away. Is there another way to view this information?

Secondly, i don't know if this was due to the fishing spot i was trying to fish in, but it took quite a few tries, and was quite difficult.. I went in with 27 bait, I think around the 22 mark, is when i decided to screencap that instruction popup. After about 5 more tries, i was a bit confused at the fishing line always being max tension, regardless of where i moved the fishing pole. It finally occurred to me that reeling in the fish increased tension. With 14 bait left, i managed to catch a fish.

I also just noticed that there is no leveling for fishing. Is that something that is planned?

Seems fishing is actually not too difficult when you understand it. I managed to turn the rest of those 14 catterpillars into 10 catfish, 1 bannerfish, and 1 rusty iron pipe.

Two failures, not so bad.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: Cytek on July 17, 2017, 12:05:02 AM
grabbed a screenshot of instructions for other viewers..... other thing not really clear is what to do when fish stops moving.... I found if I point the rod directly at the fish and not have it left or right it prevents the tension from building when the fish isn't moving. In case it isn't apparent to others the orange triangles let you know which direction the fish is headed.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: SnailobsterLv99 on July 22, 2017, 04:43:33 PM
The fishing instruction can be a letter from Qiwa as thanks for making a rod for him, or can be a personal lesson that he teaches you so that people can figure out fishing in the game.

Swaying the mouse to the direction of fish works, but it has to be like all the way for tension to start lowering?  I hope the rod can be more sensitive to the mouse, so that I don't need to move my mouse too much.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: Dorist1 on July 24, 2017, 04:46:37 AM
The fishing instruction can be a letter from Qiwa as thanks for making a rod for him, or can be a personal lesson that he teaches you so that people can figure out fishing in the game.
This is totally an excellent idea! We'd take it into consideration later.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: SnailobsterLv99 on July 25, 2017, 12:43:55 PM
No prob, glad you like that  :D

I should be a bit clearer in my fishing "problem."  Swaying rod in fish's direction lowers line tension but only when fish is not moving.  When fish is moving, line tension won't lower at all.  I have my rod moving according to arrow's hints but still line can still break.  Fortunately that doesn't happen a lot.
Title: Re: For those who have trouble fishing[marked]
Post by: Omidawn on December 09, 2017, 04:01:52 AM
Fishing has gone through a couple of iterations that I can tell.  I wanted to post an update on the newest version, since it took a little while to get the hang of it, especially since I was used to the old way. 

In addition to the info that Blubberguts gave, which is all still relevant, I would add:

You can buy bait at Sophie's (along with salt, which you will need).  Don't worry about the expense, as you can sell the premium (starred) fish (and are actually forced to sell since you can't use them).  You will make enough to pay for the bait and the salt.  Regular fish are half the value of premium fish, but you will use the regular fish for cooking.  In any case, you can make a lot of gols from fishing, and it is useful for creating food items from the regular catches.  Grilled salted catfish should be the staple of your stamina recovery, rather than roasted meat.

Save a couple specimens for the fish tank, once you unlock it: it is nice to be able to display your rare catches in the aquarium.  These need to be regular fish, not premium fish.  I hope that they change it so that you can use either one.  Also, I hope that they make the fish in the tank a little bit bigger, so you can see them better, and make them a little more animated. It seems like only the most recent one added will move around.

You can get bait for free by foraging the herbs, berries, and grass (plant fiber).  Caterpillars are the most common bait, but you can also get bug eggs from the Mr. Ladybugs.  Don't worry about collecting the piles of poop... even though it says it is worthless, you will probably need it later for farming/fertilizer.  I would save one stack before tossing the rest.  Same with the slime from the snails... it seems kind of icky, but you will use it for crafting later (that's just FYI, and doesn't relate to fishing).  Different (rarer) bait will likely be used to catch rarer fish, once you have access to the area.

After you find the "E" executable spot for fishing on the shore or pier, position yourself between the E and the fish, and move as close to the fish as you can get without falling in.  In some spots on the river, you can stand a good way into the water before it bounces you back.  It does make a difference, because the closer you are to the fish, the faster you can reel them in.  For the harder fish, that could be the difference between catching them and breaking the line.

In the new version, the tension only rises when the fish moves away from the bubble, or when you pull on the line (especially if you are not centered).  If you are pulling, then the tension does not go down, so if the tension is high you may want to keep the bubble on the fish for a few seconds before pulling so that the tension can go back down.  Some fish will break the line because they move so quickly and have such high tension, but if you are good at tagging them, then you can slowly reel them in.

Basically, do NOT press and hold the mouse button.  Click to start, and then focus on keeping the bubble on the fish.  Click to pull when the bubble is centered (white), and release if the fish moves away from the bubble until you get it centered again.  Practice on the catfish (next to the bridge that you are building/built) as they are the easiest to catch.  If you get one of the frogfish, it will be a challenge, but you can catch it if you have gotten good at keeping the pole lined up.  Good luck and have fun!!  Other fish are varying difficulty, but if you like to fish, you can choose to increase your tension strength as a character level-up.  Other than that, I haven't seen a leveling or proficiency with fishing that increases your chances, but hopefully that is coming too.

TIME seems to pass more slowly when you are fishing.  It used to be only a matter of minutes (one "minute-second" per bait, if you were quick on your casting), and to fish an entire stack of bait would only take an hour or so out of your day, but it has recently changed so that time still passes when you fish.  (PLEASE slow it back down as much as possible... that was a huge perk to fishing!!)  I don't think it moves as quickly as when you are not fishing, but it is not as convenient as it used to be.  You collect meat for free as you collect other resources, but fish you only get from fishing, and there is no side benefit except the $$.  It is entirely reasonable to keep it free of time constraints to make it competitive with other food sources.  Just my opinion.

For now, I would take up my pole after everything else is done for the day, and head for the fishing hole until I pass out.  Sell everything at the market on your way in to collect your next commission in the morning.  (You always want to beat Higgins to the board!!  LoL)

FYI: another good after-hours activity would be quarrying.  In the morning you can craft stone tables and sell them at the market for extra gols, if you don't like to fish.  You can still beat Higgins to the notice board if you are quick -- to get the best choice for your next commission.  If they put the time back the way it was, you could do both.

Value of Fish:  regular (premium) *bait -- for something requiring bait other than caterpillar TBD
Catfish: 16 (32)
Golden Salmon: 18 (36)
Bannerfish: 30 (60)
Frogfish: 45 (??)
Koi:  50 (??)

Swimming together (Area):
Catfish/Frogfish (Amber Island Bridge)
Bannerfish/Koi (Amber Island)
Golden Salmon/?? (Waterfall and Harbor)

Personally, if I want to make extra gols, I would fish the Bannerfish/Koi.  Catfish you need for the grilled catfish, but if you have a good stack, you make more gols from the Bannerfish.  Salmon are very fast, and not worth the extra effort, but the fish that they swim with may be worth something, once they are implemented.

Fishing and quarrying paid for my house.  ;)  They are not a waste of time.  A full stack of Stone Tables is worth over 4000 gols, and a full stack of Bannerfish is worth almost 6000 gols.  You can make/catch about 10 per day, if you get started at around 8 pm, so that's around 400 (extra gols) per day from quarrying, and 300+ per day fishing, depending on the catch.  You do have to build the bridge to Amber Island to get to the Bannerfish/Koi.

Good game!  Have fun everyone!