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Title: Improve multiplayer exerience: a proposal to all player community[marked]
Post by: abcpredator on May 06, 2017, 09:01:16 PM
One HUGE problem of this game is that multiplayer server are desert. This for 2 reasons:

-the game isn't very famous

-there isn't a multiplayer community: servers haven't a spawn point where new players can interact and have a guide (similar to minecraft servers), also servers are very often "deserts of grass" because trees can't be replanted (very bad and boring landscapes). With the editor isn't impossible to do this simple thing! :)

this is my proposal: create a community-centered server! With a spawn hub where new players can understand what they can do. This server must be a creative-survival (all can kill anyone with infinite resources) in my mind for 2 reasons:

1)infinite resources allow players to express creativity
2)individual colonies can be used as anti-griefing tool
3)arenas for car racing and combats can be done and linked to the spawn with monorail and roads.

What is your opinion? if devs don't want to set up a similar server i will do it! :)