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Title: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Mour_ka on December 03, 2016, 10:33:01 PM
I can see that your companion based on their skills they have a work button and they help you cut wood or collect plants or dig. It would be more effective once I start digging or cutting wood all the companion will do their job in parallel until they finish it. This will be more effective imagining if it is real people working working with you.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Dorian_Grey on January 21, 2017, 09:42:30 PM
I was going to reply in this similar thread : (

But this one is newer so I'll reply here.  Can this still not be done yet?  I have a follower who has basic mining, and I found a huge deposit of gold.  I dug myself a mine and now I'm pretty much just trying to clear out all the gold.  I equipped my follower with a pickaxe and told him to work.  He walks into the wall of the excavation and then disappears.  He does reappear with a container of random minerals (copper, marble etc) and some dirt, but none of the gold.

It would be great if the follower could just mine whatever is around me and help me out.  Because as it is now, it just seems random.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Iron Newt on January 24, 2017, 09:09:58 AM
If you give your followers axes they'll log with you but the same doesn't apply to mining.

The reality is it doesn't take too long to get to a point where the risk of being attacked when mining is almost zero, it also has a relatively low time:reward ratio so my followers are standing around doing nothing useful for long periods, even with a dimond pixaxe. However, as you're out in the open you're much more vulnerable to attack when logging and logging has a much higher time:reward ratio so there's less downtime if there's nothing for them to do.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: yarnevk on January 24, 2017, 04:34:05 PM
I do not see how you can write an AI that could mine properly, maintaining rooms and tunnels as you desire them with proper ramp and ladder access. This is not like other games where mining means standing at the same node until it is depleted.   I think you need to join a multiplayer server if you want an intelligent AI that works together, assuming you have a strong leader and admin that makes sure that happens.

Followers make great torch holders though, since they have a tendency to stand in your personal space.

Although it would make sense if when they go away they come back with minerals that are only in the local area.   Picking plants already seems to work this way, when I am picking plants my specialist plant picker even says he will stock up, and only gets grassland plants when in the grasslands.

Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Iron Newt on January 26, 2017, 09:25:57 AM
We already have assisted logging with followers - give a follower an axe and they'll cut down a tree with you. So why not assisted mining? Most ores/resources are 2 or more hits with the diamond axe so having one or more followers helping you will increase your time/reward ratio considribly.

On side note, do shovels give you any advantages over a pickaxe? I can't see any.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: yarnevk on January 26, 2017, 05:45:08 PM
Shovels  get more basic mineral resources in larger voxel areas, they should be used for digging out areas, or if you need special minerals (like sulfur).  Pickaxes do smaller voxel areas and get more of the valuable scannable ore resources and few of the special minerals.   That assumes they balanced each tech tier consistently so it makes sense, higher tier get so much it can be hard to track since the UI log severly lags behind your actual actions.

Mining is already so fast that you clear out a voxel within a few hits even with wood tools.  It is very easy to mess up your voxel cube outline placement because of the animation time lag between control and result, people have always complained they cannot dig smooth areas because of this, they will always overstrike and leave undesired holes (This is still the case even after much iteration the mining UI in alpha/beta)

Adding a follower hitting your same voxel would just make that problem worse as you would easily get out of sync on who gets the last wack, and mining is already hard enough to get a workable camera view without your follower standing in your voxel way.  Having them dig their own voxels would lead to disastrous results because they do not have your intelligence and mining plan (although there was  requests for robots that could follow a 3D plan drawn using build mode tools there is always a concern that is unattended macroing that unbalances multiplayer)

If you just want more resources tell your followers to work while you are mining, they will go off and get a container of mined resources, then you tell them to get to work again when they come back.  This way you get more resources, they are doing something, while you still maintain voxel control over your mine layout, and not have a chaotic mess that you and your followers cannot get out of.   But that container should be constrained to contain only the metals and minerals that are in the surrounding voxel area, so that if you are working gold your followers also get gold.

Trees are different because they are isolated meshes, there is no worry of overstriking a tree and taking out the neighboring tree.   That is why followers will help you axe a tree, but not pickaxe a voxel. 

Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Omidawn on April 11, 2017, 05:53:33 PM
Personally, I prefer the method that is currently used.  What you are forgetting is that the items the companions bring back are FREE items that do not destroy or alter the terrain in any way.  That means that when your base area is mined out, or while exploring a new area and you run out of materials to make extra bullets, etc. you can send your companions out to gather raw materials and be back in business without having to locate a new mining source.  Similar to the Processing Station, all of these materials "appear" without the need for an actual resource in the vicinity, and they do it fairly proficiently.  One thing I would like to see is to have the companions bring back rarer materials based on their skill level, with extremely rare resources found at the 3rd and 4th skill levels (like gold, diamond, titanium, etc).

I would also prefer using my own skills and upgraded tools to get the most I can out of my mines, instead of having a companion "destroy" a resource for a lesser gain.  That is especially true if you have the skill tree active in adventure mode, and you have your mining skills maxed out.  You can do much better than a companion mining rare resources like titanium and lithium, that currently cannot be accessed by the Processor or Companion, and so are limited (diminishing) resources in the game.

This may change at some point, but until then I prefer companions the way they are.  I would interject that I would be in favor of them working using an easier "go work" access when you stop to build or mine, because having to tell each one from their individual screen is time consuming.   Also try not to let them drop their bundle inside of other objects, especially if you are in a building or underground.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Iron Newt on April 12, 2017, 11:01:30 AM
Don't see why we can't have both, just like logging.
Title: Re: Companians to work in parallel while you are working[marked]
Post by: Omidawn on April 19, 2017, 11:20:50 PM
as an addendum to what I said before... after playing on the MP servers I have discovered that the follower skills (logging, mining, hunting, herbalist) are broken and do not retrieve any resources in multiplayer mode when you send followers off to work.  Either this is a bug or intentional, but it is unfortunate and disappointing that you do not receive the "bundles" from them that were expected.  As far as I know, they do not contribute to collection speed of the Processor, so they are basically wasted slots in MP mode.  I also have not seen the Scouting skill (magnifying glass) anywhere other than in SP story mode.  That is the one that I believe speeds the processor, and even in story mode was glitched so that you could not train it from one colonist to another (same glitch with the medical station skills).

My point is, since they do nothing for followers, it would be nice if they speeded the processor whenever that type of resource was requested, and someone with that skill was put on the task.  Either that or fix the follower resource bundles in MP modes.  Even if the skills are fixed for followers, it would be nice if they also speeded the processor as a processor skill, since you can only have two followers at a time, then they would still be useful when assigned another collection task by the colony.  This is just something that I would like to see, especially since the scout skill doesn't seem to be available for training.

Don't see why we can't have both, just like logging.

I think a better implementation would be to add their skill to the resource collection of the player for whatever the player does.  They can "pretend" to be digging, shoveling, or whatever, but essentially they just add their bonus to whatever the player receives... and not actually change the terrain or features... IN ADDITION to being able to send them off to collect resources independently.