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Title: destiny...
Post by: badmanticore on October 30, 2014, 08:53:57 AM
So yea i was a pretty big halo gamer as a teen and sci fi fan. As such i was pretty excited to see that destiny was being released. ive been playing it off and on for about 3-4 weeks now i have 3 characters all light level 28 and now all getting screwed by rng in the single raid (vog 2 bosses hardly what i consider a raid).
Bungie i personally believe screwed the pooch by telling microsoft to hit the bricks and signed up with activision. Activision is not far off from EA in my books they will charge you a arm and a leg for pieces of a game and purposely leave out game content to sell at a later date. I dont hate the game to the core there is some goodness there but i do feel like its a gutted piece of piss at the moment. There are endless errors with the game you could  be soloing a nightfall strike boss have em at 10% health boom error code : caterpillar, millipede, baboon, error codes all the way up to zebra.. hit one and your now restarting from the beginning.
The pvp is severly lacking you can farm tons of rep sure but the rewards are worse then what you get in the vault of glass thus pretty well pointless unless theres a event and even then its been mostly vanity items like shaders and emblems which do nothing. Theres just no incentive to pvp or be better then the next player. At this point, merely a month into the game, i basically log on solo my nightfall and weekly heroics find a vog raid bang that out in a hour or so and thats it done for the week.
Anyways ive basically got that buyers remorse now and i hope the game gets better but its looking like its going into the stack of games i cant stand to play for longer then a hour. Im sure there are many other reviews online similar to mine but figured id put mine here as PE and dest are both sci fi and destiny could be pulling in players from this game just because of its genre. Bungie you let me down..... im sad now.... im not playing this game over ten years to get the content of what should be in the initial release of so called next gen games... you suck
Title: Re: destiny...
Post by: MerkerBenson on October 30, 2014, 09:55:53 AM
It seems to have become quite a tradition for big companies to charge more and more for incomplete/defective/not-quite-what-they-promised products and out of the blue change dev teams/partners etc etc . Partnerships that worked productively for years and yield results get instantly cancelled on a whim for potentially greater profits with bigger companies/more aggressive one to the detriment of the customers, because the goal now is the cash and not the quality.
It also doesn't help that people keep pre-ordering games without any guarantee that they'll be what they expect them to be. Even after so many burns(a lot of the latest AAA pre-ordered games turned out to be big mess-ups) people still pre-order, which doesn't do much good to improve the attitude of the gaming companies towards their customers. They just sail on the trail left by their previous reputation/earlier titles in a game series to get as much money in as short a time as possible then destroy that franchise and move to a new one which promises to "have the best of several previous franchises".

Title: Re: destiny...
Post by: badmanticore on October 30, 2014, 10:14:40 AM
yea its really too bad. I hope companies and devs stop doing this kind of thing. Almost every game now seems to be rushed, gutted, chopped up all in the hopes for more profits :( Ive gotten more enjoyment from a single player ps1 game then most of these new titles.
Title: Re: destiny...
Post by: gorggo70 on November 05, 2017, 05:28:32 PM
The game isn't that bad. But i honestly have no idea why people pay for all this stupid boosting and rank "farming"

Same goes for rocket league. There is nothing you can get in the game that alters your gameplay (just cosmetic stuff) but yet a lot of people offer me to boost my rank, and I have no idea why would i want to do it