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Title: Server looking for players
Post by: popchau on February 11, 2019, 10:01:55 AM
Hey folks,

I am currently running a Co-Op Adventure server based out of NYC(for those of you curious where it's located)

I am looking for cool, down to earth(space pun) people who want to run dungeons and play the game etc. Omegle ( PutLocker ( (

So if you are interested add me on steam gmcgroarty, twitter @ronsexico or dm me here and I will provide the server info.

cya in game
Title: Re: Server looking for players
Post by: Omidawn on February 11, 2019, 03:44:17 PM
You should put this in the multiplayer instead of ISO thread.

Thanks for hosting.  Is it with skills on, scripts off?  I think that makes for a much more interesting adventure game.

Just so you know, not everything that you think is shared will be shared in Co-op.  Quests are only shared with those who are currently online, so it is easy for people to miss out getting the scripts from the adventure quest line.  Since I don't depend on that, I don't follow the quests anyway:  I think it is better to level up doing dungeons, build the colony and do the quests after you are already decently skilled.  Of course, that doesn't keep other people from racing forward with the quests, and getting into trouble before the colony is ready.

Limiting to one active colony is fine... you can always move to another spot if you want to do a different build.

You can add me dtt.scanner on steam.  I can't find you when I paste yours in.