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Title: Missing text hints at massive issues.
Post by: popchau on January 29, 2019, 10:12:15 AM
So I am really enjoying this game which I bought over the winter holidays. I have found in the species wiki I have a lot of creatures with no text. Do I need to harvest more of the species to open the text? Or is it just not there. The wikis are absolutely worthless, which is another really bad sign. I am believing it is the latter as I also am finding it rife with basic spelling Pirate Bay ( PutLocker ( (  errors. If it is just the game, 'as is' then that is a real shame and doesn't bode well for the developer's 'next game' which is being hyped on the planet explorers steam page and will surely lack polish as well. For me, it is excellent games like this that highlight the foibles of an indie developer. Once the game had been dropped from their mind (usually a 1.0 release), unpolished and unfinished, they abandon it and I rarely purchase any product they create again, knowing it will be a good concept that they will not follow through on. Again, this is all very unfortunate as the potential is real with this title.

Title: Re: Missing text hints at massive issues.
Post by: Omidawn on January 29, 2019, 07:18:27 PM
yeah, I wish there there were an open source for modding, or that they would sell the title to a bigger company for further development.  This is one of the best sandbox games out there, with the ability to be as popular as any game on the market.  It just needs time, money, and vision.