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Title: Some Items and Crops that I'd Like to See
Post by: askaronx on October 02, 2018, 04:18:57 PM
I know the game is still in devepment and you'll add more content in the future, but I'd like to see some items and crops as:

- Apple Tree (And Apple)
- Pear
- Bananas (Banana Split, Smoothie, who?)
- Cocoa Beans (And of course you can make Chocolate Bars, Hot Coca, etc).
- Orange
- Cinnamon Tree
- Coffee (To make some coffee beverage for Stamina)
- Candy Fruit

- Onions
- Carrots (May be coloured Carrots)
- Ginger
- Potato
- Tomato or Green Tomato
- Artichoke
- Grapes (Wine, Juice and Rains from the Dryer to make Bread with Raisins)
- A Jam/Mermelade Machine to Use the Fruits
- WaterMelon
- Melon/Cantaloupe
- Rice (What about a Sushi Recipe?)

Derivated Products
- Butter and Cream from Milk in the Blender
- Cheese and a Cheese Maker to do So
- More Dry Items from the Dryer it's too poor by now in variety of Items to Craft.
- Mayonaisse from Eggs in the Blender
- Ice Cream from the Blander.


And also de ability to Send Letters to the People of Portia and also to Wrap the objects before gifting?.