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Title: A few ideas (possible spoilers)
Post by: Shoddygoods on May 16, 2018, 01:49:15 PM
I am a newbie to this genre but this game is shaping up to be one of my favourite games ever and I have had a great time playing so far (who wouldn't be happy with Phylis gifting him most mornings) that in mind I would like to suggest a few ideas which for me personally would make it an even more enjoyable experience,
I will try to be as brief as possible.

Inventory management - this is a major chore at times, especially after ruin diving or a hazardous ruin run and takes a lot of time and effort to keep organised, I feel a museum piece collater at the very least will be essential, items could be deposited and stored in the research centre or even better deposited at the entrance sign of each ruin and again kept in the research centre, management of these artifact pieces is frankly not worth the effort at present.
It would also be great if I could have the option for items collected on my travels and gathered at the workshop to deposit directly to storage chests, maybe this could be unlocked late game through a mission.

Mindless slaughter is something I would like to stop being forced to carry out, I would prefer an option to collect fur/splines as opposed to having to run rampant killing poor happy bunnies and urchins, possibly fur could be collected from tree trunks and fences/walls, every time I look at the colourful hot air balloons all I see are the faces of the all the skipping nice courteous bunnies I had to kill, this kinda spoils the happy utopia feeling.
Maybe keeping sheep/llamas etc could give different types of fur depending on food types (maybe they already do but I do not own any)

For combat maybe the ruin monsters could occasionally attack at night (you could be woken suddenly) and along with the corps you would have to defend the town, this would then create an ongoing mission to become a corps member and also any damage to infrastructure during these attacks could be offered as repair workshop tasks given by the commerce department/residents. Also creates an option for defences/traps as items to craft.
This would also justify the corps existence and detract from the slight military state vibe.

Ack collect is very helpful but also takes away some of the joy of the game, I miss waking up to a workshop full of newly created items or the crystal trees shimmering in the distance as I come home from a hard days mining or socialising, maybe he could be assigned tasks like animals, workshop or crops and the player could decide which of these he performs. At present I do not know how to turn this function off and more control would be really nice.

I followed (ok stalked) Phyllis one day and she still goes to the clinic not to the expensive new digs I busted my butt to get her (she's gonna be high maintenance), I guess she is still training but it would have been a nice touch if she caught the 7.30 am Dee Dee to her own office.

I feel there are too many buff/regen items to manage I really only need a few ways to regen stamina/heath, the milk is a great idea and maybe one or two more from plants/trees or via purchase from vendors.

Access to happy apartments please, I know they are partying like crazy every night up there and I want in.

Now that I know Ack can clear up the poop would like the option to buy more coops/sheds so I can keep sheep and cows, maybe an option once all missions finished then it could turn into a farming sim if the player wants. option then for reasonably priced DLC animals?

Fishing? Aggghh.
Group hug for ducks please.

The colour palette is amazing, music is amazing, workshop/growing is very satisfying, season change is amazing, crystal trees are amazing, thank you for rescuing me off the Fortnite treadmill for the last 150 hrs or so.

Apologies if any ideas posted before (I am sure all of them have been at some point)

Not that short apologies again

Thank you for reading.
Title: Re: A few ideas (possible spoilers)
Post by: Zandia on May 21, 2018, 06:14:14 PM

Inventory Control does get easier when you open your backpack up fully, there are 80 storage spots, and in the game you will eventually build a Safety Box with 60 spaces. 

My Home Panel in house(level 3)  has a helper option, I had not used it yet, but I just turned Ack off, if this does not work I will let you know.

I agree of the killing for resources, it has it's place in the game, but a place to buy or collect them would be awesome.

"Fishing? Aggghh " I AGREE it is not fun!

Title: Re: A few ideas (possible spoilers)
Post by: Shoddygoods on May 22, 2018, 02:20:37 AM

Agree inventory control gets easier except for hazardous ruin runs and relic collecting. the relic exchange in principle is a good idea but you have to completely clear your inventory and take them along to see what pieces you have to exchange or write them down and go back to your storage and check individually, i still feel you should be able to deposit relic pieces either directly into the research centre recovery machine or your own recovery machine back home and then just access via the machine control panel. Also when using the exchange board you should be able to see the items you have in your possession without them being in your backpack.

It would also be good if you could post your own exchange adverts, relic collecting is a chore at present.
Lastly as far as i can tell there doesn't appear to be enough room in the museum for all the relics, oh and lastly again it would be great to be able to reposition museum items to create a better display once they have been placed, ie all soldiers together etc.

Hazardous runs are a bit of a pain because you have to sort all the chaff afterwards, i still would like the option to set up direct drops to storage boxes.
Inventory management takes up a lot of time especially if you have slight ocd.

I finally added a couple sheep and it seems if fully fed and loved they will drop delicate fur occasionally so this is an option, quite long term though for the balloon mission.

Home panel works i just never used it, i am obviously not the sharpest tool in my workshop.

I am maybe over thinking everything here but been playing constant for 2 weeks so apologies for lengthy posts

Thank you for your reply.
Title: Re: A few ideas (possible spoilers)
Post by: Omidawn on May 23, 2018, 12:56:58 AM
I have said before and I will say again:  Fishing would be much more enjoyable if it went back to being a "timeless" pursuit.  Fishing was fun when you could fish an entire stack at the end of the day in less than an hour of elapsed time. (Time only passed during the fraction of a second in between casts -- if you were fast at it.)  PLEASE put it back this way so that fishing is again a worthwhile pastime to "top off" the day and make some extra cash and cooking resources.  It is too time consuming and in most cases too distant to set aside an entire afternoon to catch "a few" fish.  It is worthwhile if you can catch all you can carry and not have to spend an entire day in the endeavor.

Time is the most valuable premium in the game.  The faster you can accomplish something the more it is worth the effort.

ADD:  Inventory becomes easier if you name and color code your boxes.  This used to crash the game so I "got out of the habit" of doing it, but if it is debugged now, I think that inventory becomes more manageable.  I do keep about 8 boxes and use each one for different things:  one for Hazardous Ruins loot, one for monster loot, one for farming supplies and seeds, one for farming produce, one for manufactured parts/ingots, one for mining loot/raw material, one for logging loot/raw material, one for food/buffs... you get the idea.  As long as you are consistent in how you sort for yourself (and color code the boxes) it is fairly easy to unload and/or find what you are looking for.  Since you pause while you are in inventory, you can plan your "dash" through storage without really wasting a lot of in-game time.  I agree that increasing your backpack space improves the process considerably, and increasing the number that you can stack has also resolved a lot of issues.  Imagine (or remember) what it was like when you could only stack 99?  You had to really be organized BEFORE you adventured, to ensure that you did not miss out on loot.