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Title: Axe and Pick
Post by: ravensice on January 11, 2018, 05:44:35 PM
If you put 2 points into Mastery of Axe and Mastery of Pickaxe, it still drains 2 points per swing instead of 1.
Title: Re: Axe and Pick
Post by: Omidawn on January 12, 2018, 12:17:15 AM
One of the changes in update 3.7 is that the amount used by the tools is different for different upgrades of tool.  My Fisherman's Pick and Axe (steel) use 4 points per swing (I have no bonus).  I would have to make some other tools again to be able to tell you what the base is for different types.  I don't really like the change, but it is what it is, for the time being.  Please post which tool you are using (stone, bronze, iron, steel), just to make sure it is still a 2 point base tool.

(@devs) if you are going to increase the cost, then you need to have better buffs available to replace the lower level ones.  If we are expected to use dried food for a higher level stamina replacement, then we need to be able to make about 20 in a day (per rack), not 1.  The times on the drying rack are not conducive to any kind of regular use.  If you want realism (for the time requirement) then allow 20 at a time on the rack, and then it's fine to take a day to process.  **

For the record, I think increasing the base stamina cost of the tools should wait until the other items are in place.  It's kind of like putting the cart before the horse.  Maybe that's the point, though, to see what kind of issues arise even with a minor tweak.  I would suggest a quarter or a third of a point per tool upgrade, so that steel would be around 3 instead of 4.  Also, the more you fool around with the base cost, the less valuable the skill upgrades become.  That creates an entirely different problem.  You do want the skill levels to have a noticeable impact.  When the game advances to magnesium alloy, or titanium, at the current rate of increase the bonus you get from the skill will become so negligible as to not be worth applying... only spending the points to pass through to the next skills that make a difference.

**EDIT:  To be more clear -- Since the stamina cost has doubled for the tool, then the replacement speed of stamina needs to double as well with the buffs in order to keep up.  If you are using the roasted meat or salted fish (low level buffs) the effectiveness is halved, because it now costs twice as much to replace the stamina as it did before, to get the same number of swings.  Even with an increase in loot per swing, or increase in quality of drops, it is still annoying to have to use twice as much stamina recovery to stay in the mines for the same amount of time.  Since the higher level recovery buffs cost a day to make one (1) item, instead of 20 per day for the low level buffs, you really can't keep up if you are expecting to use the better buffs -- you just can't make them as fast as you need to use them.  Well, either that or we have to limit dungeon dives to once per month, so we can make a stack of HP and Stamina buffs first.
Title: Re: Axe and Pick
Post by: ravensice on January 13, 2018, 09:10:37 PM
I am currently using a bronze axe and a bronze pickaxe.  Usually 2 points, but should be 1 with mastery tree.