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Title: [spoiler] keeps killing the [spoiler] before I can follow it
Post by: MobRules on December 17, 2017, 05:48:21 AM
Hey! Just came back to the game after several years away, looking forward to seeing how the story has continued since I last played :).

I'm running into a problem. I did things in (I guess?) a weird (or at least unexpected?) order, so Rol is with me and Agnes at the lake. I place the lure, the big fish comes -- and Rol shoots it dead   :-\

The orange circle moves to the underwater cave, but going there doesn't trigger the next part of the quest with the fish dead.

Right now, I think the only thing I can do is bring Agnes along to the way-out-west desert quest, and once Rol parts company, then come back and do the lake. Is there a less extreme way that I can un-break this?

Edit: Added spoiler tags to the title. Not sure what the standard is for what needs spoilers, but better safe than sorry :)
Title: Re: [spoiler] keeps killing the [spoiler] before I can follow it
Post by: Omidawn on December 20, 2017, 03:18:26 AM
Sorry, I don't think there is a way, other than to finish Rol's quest before going to the lake with Agnes.  In adventure mode you can dismiss (abandon) quest followers by entering a dungeon.  In story mode, I think you can go into the quest panel and abandon the quest there, but I wouldn't do it if you don't remember where you picked up Rol.  You will likely have to go back there to restart that mission.  Save before you try that, in case you can't find the spot again.
Title: Re: [spoiler] keeps killing the [spoiler] before I can follow it
Post by: MobRules on December 21, 2017, 02:24:19 AM
Thanks :).

I just tried what you suggested about cancelling the mission, but it turns out the game disallows you from canceling mainline missions in story mode.

Looks like Agnes is joining us on our trip out west.

Edit: But when we get to the dam, Rol won't procede with the quest because "seems like you're on a quest already. Come back when you're done/". So, I can't finish the Rol quest until after I've finished the Agnes quest, but I can't finsish the Agnes quest until after I finish the Rol quest :/

So, I guess that's it for this save. I'll have to check if I have a save from before I accepted the second quest.

Edit again: Except that Rol is now staying behind at the transmission pillar, which means I CAN finish the Agnes quest. :)